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Selecting a right data center (DC) is a big decision for your business whether you have been colocating for years or are new to colocation. A colocation provider is not just another vendor in your business solution, but rather a strategic partner for your business’ critical infrastructure needs. After all, a right colocation provider can take your DC footprint and network to the next level while the wrong one can prevent you from reaching your full potential and yet negatively impact application availability and performance.But in this blog, we look at six ways it can help you and you should take into account when choosing a colocation provider in Myanmar.


1. Location

Location is one of the most important factors involved when selecting a data center, for several reasons. You should take into consideration in regard to location is how easily someone from your company can get to the physical location. If you ever need to upgrade or service your equipment, this is a huge. You should also take into account how prone the area is to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. Hopefully, data center providers took these things into account when they built the facility, but it never hurts to take extra precautions with your critical infrastructure.

2. Connectivity

One of the biggest advantages of colocation is the ability to interconnect within a shared data center space. Whether you want to connect with partners, distributors or even competitors for interconnection can bring great value to your business. Before making a selection, learn about the available connectivity options of your colocation provider. Is the facility carrier-neutral? Do they have a large ecosystem of customers already interconnecting?

3. Reliability

Reliability is key when choosing a data center or colocation provider. Reliability is measured as uptime in the world of data centers. Is your colocation facility ready to provide you with unmatched uptime, support and advice to help you succeed? Have they even asked about your availability requirements? What are the provider’s SLAs (Service-Level Agreements) and will they help you recoup financially in case of an outage caused by your colocation provider?

4. Compliance

As more and more companies built Server Rooms, it became apparent that there was a need to agree on specific standards for the design. Your colocation provider must comply with the industry-recognized data center regulations and certifications for various Tiers. The colocation facility you choose to partner with may adhere to a level system used by the Telecommunication Industry Association, a class system adopted by the ISO, or with the Tier certification done by the Uptime Institute.

5. Security

Nobody wants to see someone walking into a data center and walking out with a flash drive containing your data. Ask your data center if they keep a record of those who enter the facility and how access to critical areas is restricted, to ensure unauthorized individuals gain access to the data center itself. It is important that the building is secure and protected at all times cameras should be installed throughout the building at every entrance, exit, and access point. And, layers of security DC provider design to include before you access your hosted devices and equipment.

6. Scalability

As stated in the previous sections, you want your provider to be able to meet your needs now and for at least several years. That being said, different data center providers offer different levels of flexibility. Some will provide out-of-the-box solutions that may or may not meet your needs, while others will offer customized solutions (flexibility) in addition to standard offerings. Find out the availability of additional space, power and connectivity. Don’t hinder your business by choosing a provider that cannot scale with you over time.


From location to resiliency to managed service offerings and beyond, colocation services come in many shapes and forms. Choosing the colocation provider can be a complex process but taking the time to find the right one that fits with your business will pay off in peace of mind, improved customer relations, and increased profit (P.S. The lowest price doesn’t always give you the best value for your money). Be sure to evaluate holistically.

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